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10 Questions With...

... Assistant Baseball Coach Cliff Allredcoach_allred_4.jpg
by Krissy Bentolila

Were you always big on baseball, or did you play other sports while you were growing up?
CA: When I was young I played all three (football, baseball, basketball), but once I got into travel baseball when I was 12, I figured baseball would better suit me.

Coming from coaching high school baseball, how has the transition been to coaching at the collegiate level? Do you find it easier or harder to communicate and relate to your players?
CA: Itís easier to get through to the players now. You have kids here that want to be here for a reason, whereas in high school you have some kids that want to be on the team just to be on a team.

What made you decide to apply for the coaching job at Pfeiffer?
CA: Coach Greene coached me when I was at St. Andrews for two years, and just knowing and playing against Coach Hayes I already had great respect for him. Pfeiffer felt like a good fit as far as getting my collegiate coaching career started.

How is the clubhouse construction project going? Are you near completion?
CA: Weíre close! The inside needs to be done, but thatís about it. Everything else on the outside is done.

What kind of impact will the new clubhouse have on the team for this upcoming season?
CA: I think it will boost sprits for the players. Weíre starting to get new things on campus and it helps to show our appreciation for all the hard work they put into this program.

As an assistant coach, which part of the game is your main focus?
CA: I work with the catchers and also help Coach Hayes with the batters.

How are you preparing the team during the offseason to be ready to play in the spring?
CA: Right now we are focusing on conditioning, working out, and fine tuning our skills.

You are scheduled to play 53 games this year. With such a long season how do you keep the players from experiencing burn out and how do you deal with it as well?
CA: With the players you try to keep their eye on the prize; a conference championship, getting a regional bid, and then the national championship. We just try to keep them focused on the overall goal. For me, dealing with burnout is not as hard because itís easier as a coach to have the long term goal, whereas a player, youíre just trying to go game by game.

As a player or coach, are there any pre-game rituals that you had/have?
CA: Iím not sure why, but as a player I started wearing long dress socks in high school. I also always had my motherís, fatherís, and grandmotherís initials written somewhere on me. Now as a coach, it seems that my pre-game ritual might be not getting much sleep before games!

When youíre not busy coaching, what is your favorite thing to do to kick back and relax?
CA: Playing golf anytime I can, watching any big college football or basketball games, and just enjoying time with family and people that I care about.

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