Tuesday, April 15, 2008
RESULTS VS. ERSKINE (2008-04-15 14:30:00)

Misenheimer, NC---On Tuesday afternoon the Pfeiffer men’s tennis team hosted Erskine college for their last regular season match. The Falcons won the tie 8-1. The Falcons won all 3 doubles. The Falcons claimed a further 5 singles matches. The tie was clinched when Philip Lawson won his match 6-0 6-1 at position #1.

Team Match Score Sheet Erskine College vs. Pfeiffer University Date: 4/15/2008 Location: Pfeiffer University Winner: Pfeiffer University Score: 8-1 Match Details Position Erskine College Pfeiffer University Winner Score #1 Singles Fabio Ciarrucchi Philip Lawson Pfeiffer University 6-0,6-1 #2 Singles Simeon Harrar AJ Flores Pfeiffer University 6-4,6-3 #3 Singles Jacob Gregory Johan de Wit Pfeiffer University 6-2,6-0 #4 Singles Johnny Holland Guilherme Chiarmonti Pfeiffer University 6-2,6-1 #5 Singles Ryan Miller Cody Simpson Erskine College 6-4,6-0 #6 Singles Aaron Gregory Frank Pouchet Pfeiffer University 6-3,6-4 #1 Doubles Jacob Gregory Johnny Holland Johan de Wit Philip Lawson Pfeiffer University 8-2 #2 Doubles Ryan Miller Fabio Ciarrucchi AJ Flores Cody Simpson Pfeiffer University 8-6 #3 Doubles Simeon Harrar Aaron Gregory Frank Pouchet Guilherme Chiarmonti Pfeiffer University 8-6